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SAS Project HelpThis Buzzle article throws light on sas records help statistical facts about sas information help divorce rates in America. American husbands are sas facts help best in sas statistics help world; no other husbands are so beneficiant sas task help their wives, or can be so easily divorced. Elinor GlynWe consider Elinor Glyn need to have done numerous research before quoting this remark as a result of she is so right!Did you know that sas information help United States of America tops sas data help list of sas information help nations with most divorces?It also has sas records help listing of sas information help most expensive divorce agreement ever given by a celebrity. Yes, and this record holder is none other than sas statistics help American actor, Mel Gibson, who paid a whopping $425 Million sas project help his ex wife, Robyn Gibson. Various reviews on sas data help problem mirror that approximately fifty % marriages in sas facts help nation end in courtrooms!The main purposes for sas data help same, as per reports, come with: Lack of schooling, poverty, marrying at a young age, premarital cohabitation, premarital pregnancy/childbearing, divorce history in sas statistics help circle of relatives, and, curiously, no religious affiliation. The challenge is that a majority of Americans believe that divorce is a traditional and a suitable choice, sas task help break out sas statistics help ameliorations and troubles that marriages bring about.